may 2018
Exhibition of Matt Magee's work to be presented at the Phoenix Art Museum opening May 23, 2018. Also, a monograph of the artist's work will be published late 2018 by Radius Books.

december 2017
NEW MONOGRAPH -- In December 2017 a major monograph will be published on Hannes Beckmann. The book, to be published in English and Czech will be written by Lutz Schöbe of the Bauhaus Foundation Museum, Bronislava Rokytová curator of the Czech Literature Museum, Prague and Mary Kate O’Hare former curator of the Newark Museum.

february 2017
Recent Exhibition
Ralph Coburn Museum Exhibition; The Arts Club of Chicago, February 2017

october 2014
Hannes Beckmann Recent articles in the Umëní Journal of the Institute of Art History Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. "The Prague Intermezzo of Hannes Beckmann (1934-48)" and "Kandinsky's Letters to Hannes Beckmann in Prague (1934-39)" For more information, contact the Gallery.

November 20, 2011
"Blue, White, Green" by Ralph Coburn featured in new Art of the America's Wing at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston opening November 20th.

October 5, 2011
The Boston Globe Galleries features John Grillo: The Abstract Years
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April 3, 2011
The Boston Globe Review of Ralph Coburn - France Works on Paper 1949-1956
"The mechanics of chance, radically distilled" by Sebastian Smee
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March 23, 2011
Exhibition RALPH COBURN - FRANCE | Works on Paper 1949–1956 on view at David Hall Fine Art. Critical essay by independent curator Rachael Arauz PhD.
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November 18, 2010
The New York Times "Enough to Cause Art Lovers to Swoon" by Ted Loos
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November 14, 2010
The Boston Globe: The MFA Takes Wing "10 More Marvels" by Sebastian Smee
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November 7, 2010 "Eye on Coburn"
"Clifford Ackley, the curator of prints and drawings at the Museum of Fine Arts, recently mounted a small show of recent acquisitions in his department. Some of the most interesting selections are several related works by Ralph Coburn..."
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Artnet Magazine "My Favorite Fifty" by Charlie Finch
"Now that Jerry Saltz has announced that he and his spouse Roberta Smith are writing a book on their favorite 100 paintings and challenged his fans to contribute, I spent last night trying to answer Jerry's task. Man, it is hard to think of 100 favorites all at once...So, in no particular order, and because it's August, I shall do Jerry's bidding... 39. Ralph Coburn, BLACK AND BLUE..." [read full article]

February 12, 2010
Boston Globe "Simplicity Takes Shape"
"Step out of the roar of traffic, road signs, billboards, and winter weather into “The Shape of Abstraction,’’ a quietly entrancing show at the Boston University Art Gallery, and - even without the benefit of the yawning gallery attendant - time immediately slows..." [read full article]