Secondary Market Services | Selling Your Artwork

David Hall Fine Art, LLC is a trusted resource for collectors and individuals wishing to sell works of art. We are well versed in the assessment and placement of fine art ranging from old master paintings and drawings to 19th and 20th century works of art including marketable contemporary artwork. Our collector base seeks work in all mediums including oil paintings, sculptures, drawings and watercolors.

Currently, we are seeking very good American and European works of art from all historically significant art movements of the 20th century. For further information or to make an inquiry, please email us: or 781-235-0955.

David Hall, Owner

Academically trained as an art historian, I have over twenty five years experience buying and selling fine works of art. In addition to years of private dealing I have owned my own auction house, Bulfinch Auction Gallery of Boston and have worked at Christie’s Auctioneer’s in New York and with the Childs Gallery of New York and Boston. Over time I have developed working relationships with museum curators, researchers and noted authorities throughout the art world. These contacts, coupled with my marketplace experience, benefit our clients in the cataloguing and marketing of their artwork. In bringing pictures to market we also can provide research and authentication services for unsigned or questionable works.

Case Examples:

In 1991 I was hired by the Bank of New England to quietly and discreetly sell their extensive art collection. At the time, a public auction would have fueled speculation about the Bank's financial position, damaged its image and created fire sale price expectations. I organize an exhibition and sale, offering the works to major collectors, dealers, museums and other interested parties. The collection was sold within thirty days and in several cases record prices were achieved for individual artist's works.

In another instance, I was asked to market a fourteen by twenty foot Salvador Dali oil painting. The piece had never appeared in any books published on the artist. Considering the number of fake Dali works in the marketplace, this painting's obscurity was an issue. I contacted the Salvador Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida and organized a museum exhibition that highlighted and documented this obscure masterwork. Within six months an international institution committed to purchase the painting, leading to a sale in excess of a million dollars.

David Hall